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Financing Options and Providers

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Facility Name Sort Provider Purpose Max Sort Business Eligibility Minimum Documentation Required Collection / Repayment (months) Sort
Test email company


KES 50,000,000


  • Bank statements for a period of 6 months


Favourite Youth Enterprise Development Fund -Constituency Based Loans
Government Development Finance Initiative
The Youth Enterprise Development Fund provides this loan to groups and individuals at the constituency level
Favourite Youth Enterprise Development Fund -Business Expansion Loan (Vuka)
Government Development Finance Initiative
The loan is advanced to youth who have existing businesses and are able to provide security. The financing provides friendly large scale financing for business expansion to applicants (may be individual, partnerships or limited companies)
Favourite Youth Enterprise Development Fund -Agri-Vijana Loan
Government Development Finance Initiative
The Youth Enterprise Development Fund has partnered with Smart Solutions Africa (SSA) to support young farmers in acquiring green houses and global compliant agricultural inputs
Youth, Women, Creative industries Stable business
  • Due diligence and IP ownership
Favourite Working capital Loan
Greenland Fedha Limited (GFL)

Finances land preparation, purchase of farm inputs and implements, livestock feeds, labour finances, business stock, harvest and other agricultural activities. It offers easy and convenient repayment through the monthly pay outs.

Favourite Working capital Loan
Juhudi Kilimo

This loan targets farmers and micro entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and invest in agri processors, transport services among other businesses.

Favourite Working Capital Loan
Kenya Commercial Bank
Working capital for Agrovets, Agro-processors, commodity traders (cereals, legumes, vegetables) and traders in livestock
KES 250,000,001
  • Bank statements to establish cash flows (3 months for customers and 6 months for non-customers)
  • Stated experience in farm enterprise
  • Business plan including financial plan –specifying fund utilisation
  • Bank statements
  • Business plan
Women-led businesses
  • Women-led or owned businesses
  • If not an existing client of EcoBank then full Due diligence with busines plans, references, etc
Government Development Finance Initiative
A loan product issued to registered women groups at the constituency level to expand or start new businesses
KES 750,000
  • Must be a registered self-help group of 10 members and above comprising 100% women or 70 % women and 30% men
  • All leadership positions and account signatories must be held by women.
  • Group Registration done either at the nearest Social Services office or Huduma Centre.
  • Groups are eligible for WEF loans three months after registration.
  • Group must have an account in a Bank/SACCO FOSA/Post Bank/Deposit Taking Micro-finance (DTM)
  • Group account must have been in existence for at least 3 months.
  • Groups must be trained in business management skills by the WEF officers as a prerequisite for the loan application.
  • Group registration certificate
  • Group account in a Bank/SACCO FOSA/Post Bank/Deposit Taking Micro-finance (DTM)

Financing facilities

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