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Financing Options and Providers

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Facility Name Sort Provider Purpose Max Sort Business Eligibility Minimum Documentation Required Collection / Repayment (months) Sort
Gulf African Bank

The Annisaa Biashara financing is designed for the lady looking to finance her business.

KES 3,000,000

Duly registered business

Mantaining active account at Gulf African Bank

+ 6 months in operations

Bank/Mpesa statement for the last 12 Months

Gulf African Bank

Aquisition of machinery, pick ups and personal vehicles, used trucks and trailers, New trucks and trailers

Registered business

Operational for > 6 months

Account holder

Limited Companies - Memorandum & Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Latest annual returns and filing receipts. 

Sole Proprietorship - Certificate of registration

Rafiki Microfinance Bank

To provide the best solutions to businesses to purchase movable assets such as commercial motor vehicles, personal vehicles and motor bikes for bodaboda.

KES 20,000,000

·        Character assessment (Not listed on CRB)

·        Adequate cashflows

·        Business Registration Certificate

·        KRA PIN of the company

·        KRA PIN of the individual

·        Copy of your Identity card

Favourite Accion Global Investments
Accion Global Investments invests in established financial institutions and innovative financial service providers that leverage technology to support underserved microentrepreneurs, families, and individuals in emerging markets.
Favourite Accion Venture Lab
Accion Venture Lab provides capital and extensive support to innovative, scalable fintech startups that improve the reach, quality, and affordability of financial services for the underserved.
KES 654,000,000
  • Mobile phone–based financial services or business models built on mobile payment platforms;
  • Specialized credit assessment or delivery models (e.g., underwriting/credit scoring approaches, housing, education, small and medium enterprise finance, energy);
  • Online or social media platforms for enabling financial access (e.g., peer-to-peer, social media);
  • Pay-as-you-go, collaborative consumption, and other “embedded” financial service models (e.g., micro-leasing, rent-to-own, modular housing); and
  • New products (e.g., savings, remittances/payments, microinsurance, and credit) for people living in poverty.
Aceli Africa
Aceli Africa will provide targeted financial incentives to lenders to increase their risk appetite, while facilitating technical assistance to agricultural SMEs (farmer cooperatives and food processors) so that they can qualify for and manage financing
Favourite Acumen
Visit Website Visit Website Location New York, NY, 10013, USA Get a call back
Invests in companies that 1) provide farmers access to better products that allow them to sustainably increase production and sell more crops, and 2) integrate farmers into global supply chains by enabling them to bypass middlemen and sell their products directly to buyers at fair market value.
Kingdom Bank Ltd

This is an instrument issued by Kingdom Bank on behalf of our customer to secure upfront payments to them by third parties for jobs awarded to, but not yet executed by, the contractor or customer.

  • Contract document.
  • Must be a Kingdom Bank account holder .
  • The counter-party must be a bank-approved entity and recognized by the bank.


AgDevCo raises debt and equity for commercial investment while also providing technical assistance.
  • proven business model (and full business plan and financial operating history for larger investments)
  • strong management team
  • potential for long-term growth
  • potential positive impact on people, economies and the environment
  • And in line with our Investment Policy and Procedures.
Favourite Agri-Business Development Programme;
Access Bank (Kenya) Plc
Finances farm inputs for farm crops.
KES 100,000
  • Unsecured up to KES 50,000
  • Easy collateral up to KES 300,000
  • Standard collateral > KES 300,000
  • Certificate of registration
  • National identification card (for Kenyan citizens) / Passport (Non Kenyans) 1 passport size photo
  • Residential address confirmation ( name estate, road and house number) for all directors and signatories (use the attached format)
  • Company physical address confirmation
  • Personal return
  • Revenue stamp – KES100
Government Development Finance Initiative
AgriFI Kenya Challenge Fund is implemented by Self Help Africa with technical support from Imani Development Limited. The European Union initiative targets 50 Agri –enterprises in 2 windows. NB: Competition window closed on 20th November 2019
KES 100 Billion
  • Economic Drivers/Viability: Business model fit and growth prospect (i.e. profit, turnover, cash flow, efficiency and market potential) and the business capacity (i.e. governance, financial and risk management)
  • Social impact: Inclusion of smallholder farmers, pastoralists, job creation, influence on food security and improved nutrition, gender and youth inclusion, and inclusion of arid areas.
  • Environmental impact: Inclusion of climate smart approaches at farm and enterprise level
  • Additionality and level of leverage.
  • A minimum 50% match fund required –own sources or external equity investment
Bank of Africa
A short to Medium term credit facility to help farmers purchase farm inputs such as seeds, fertilizers and chemicals, pay for lease of additional agricultural land, buy livestock, meet their harvesting and marketing costs and also finance other social development needs.
  • Detailed Analysis of the agricultural project including expected revenues and all the cost items e.g. seeds, animal purchases, herbicides, pesticides, harvesting and labour.
  • A comparative analysis of the neighbourhood to establish the kind of farming carried out, expected harvest and suitability of the farming activity the customer is carrying out
  • 12 months bank statement
  • Documentary evidence of farm ownership or a valid lease agreement covering at least one future production cycles
  • Documentary evidence of the last three year experience in the line of business
  • Good credit history
  • For limited companies Specific debenture over the asset being purchased
  • KYC documents i.e. directors ID and PIN, Company PIN, MEMART and Certificate of registration
  • Business records
  • Copy of security
  • Land ownership/lease agreements documents
  • Dully completed loan application as per account mandate and appraisal form, resolution to borrow.
  • Current Valuation Report from bank’s authorized valuers is required for used motor vehicles
  • Complete security perfection after the approval.
  • Detailed call report including photos and sketch maps
Favourite Agribusiness Loans
Financing farmers to acquire high breed livestock, as well as farming in horticulture, banana, fruits, oil seeds and floriculture.
Favourite Agribusiness/Agro dealer loans
SMEP Microfinance Bank
Loans given to clients who trade for agricultural inputs and produce like farmers, agro dealers, commodity traders and processors for their day to day operations.
Favourite Agricultural Asset Financing
SMEP Microfinance Bank
Financing for acquisition of agricultural farm machineries, equipments and implements like tractors, milking machines, chuff cutters etc and motor vehicles used in the agricultural value chains.
Favourite Agriculture Finance Corporation -Agribusiness
Government Development Finance Initiative
Loans designed to provide start-up capital for those seeking to start, or are engaged in agricultural microenterprises. Specifically, the product targets marketers and processors farm produce, traders, transporters, marketers and processors farm produce.
  • Open to individual borrowers and groups
  • Viability of the business
  • Tangible security for the loan
  • 20 % equity contribution towards the project.
Favourite Agriculture Finance Corporation -Cash Crop
Government Development Finance Initiative
The credit facility for cash production of tea, coffee, Sugarcane, pyrethrum, cashew nuts, citrus, mango trees, bananas, stevia and other cash crops. The facility finances crop establishment, crop maintenance, processing equipment, and operating costs.
  • Tangible security for the loan
  • Appropriate and approved crop varieties
  • Availability of processing facilities within reasonable distances.
Favourite Agriculture Finance Corporation -Horticulture & floriculture development loan
Government Development Finance Initiative
These are loans to finance horticultural and Floricultural projects covering Fruits, vegetables and flowers; green houses and related equipment; water and electricity supply systems; harvesting and packaging equipment; labour and other operational costs; and working capital
  • Relevant experience in floriculture & horticulture
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Adequate water supply

Financing facilities

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